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18 Degrees Launches in London

18 Degrees Launches in London lighting design by Electrolight
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February 8th 2017
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Studio News

We are very proud to announce the has launch of 18 Degrees in London, led by Christopher Knowlton.

2017 brings fresh changes at Electrolight with the launch of 18 Degrees in London.  Under the leadership of Christopher Knowlton, the studio will continue to further the company’s mission of making a difference through the medium of light but with an emphasis on the integration of technology.  From their base at the innovation centre at Here East, the studio will explore how tech and design can come together for a more engaging human experience of the built environment.

“We live in a time of extraordinary change and opportunity” said Knowlton.  “As a profession and group of enthusiasts, we understand the importance of light in our lives, yet it’s distinctly lacking in the social consciousness.  Now is the time to instigate change, raising awareness of how light can positively impact people’s lives”.  18 Degrees is working alongside emerging technology firms and universities, fostering deeper connections with the tech sector and exploring the opportunities that these collaborations may bring to the design and construction sectors.

“18 Degrees is a crucial next step in the evolution of our practice.  It will enable us to bring cutting-edge research into our everyday practice for the benefit of our clients around the world.  Here East is the perfect location for us to do what motivates us: making a difference through light”, says Electrolight’s founder, Paul Beale.