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2016 Darc Awards

2016 Darc Awards lighting design by Electrolight
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September 27th 2016
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Studio Work

We recently created an installation as part of the 2016 Darc Awards in London – a statement about society and our inherent prejudices. There are parallels between how we perceive objects through light and our view of the world. We tend to see the world through the lens of our upbringing, our politics and the communities in which we live. This influences our views and ultimately our understanding of the world around us.

Through the spectral composition of light we can choose what to reveal, what to hide. We can dictate what’s visible.

We took 600 gerberas, trimmed them to the same size and installed each in its own vase. The flowers were then arranged such that various interesting shapes emerged under limited spectrum lighting conditions. While that’s OK and perhaps interesting in its own right it’s only when the piece is lit with a full spectrum that you see the love.

Life’s a bit like that.


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