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Electrolight wins at the IALD Awards

Electrolight wins at the IALD Awards lighting design by Electrolight
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June 5th 2017
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The 34th annual IALD International Lighting Design Awards were recently held in Philadelphia, USA to celebrate the world’s best projects of 2016. Twenty-two projects from eight countries were on display.

Electrolight were thrilled to receive 2 awards of Merit for The Farm and Corrs Chambers Westgarth Perth. The judges had the following to say:

The Farm – This stunning piece of modern architecture located above Gerroa, Australia, appears to emerge from the  rolling  green  hill.  The  lighting  concept  is  based  on  integration,  simplicity, precision  and  minimal   elegance. Illumination flows organically from the built form, exuding a warm and seductive glow and  imparting depth and composition. The lighting was described by one judge as “clean, contemporary, and welcoming.”

“This is architectural integration par excellence,” one judge wrote. “Beautiful forms and an incredible composition.”

Corrs  Chambers  Westgarth –  is  one  of  Australia’s  premier  boutique  legal  firms.  This  branch  office  in  Perth was in need of  an upgrade, and its small space required a major  – but mindful  – statement. The lighting design is an example of restraint and precision, with deep- seated integration that allows the lighting to exist as a dignified expression of the architecture.

A big thank you to our commissioning clients and colaborating architects in this years projects:

Fergus Scott Architects
Bates Smart Architects

Thanks also to our San Francisco team for collecting the awards on behalf of our Sydney studio.

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