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Twig House

Melbourne, Australia

Twig House lighting design by Electrolight


Twig House was conceived as sculpture – melding architecture, interior and landscape into one. Curved monumental concrete forms, devoid of architectural embellishment, rise out of the landscape, & are balanced by tactile materiality exploring the fluidity of form and light, enclosure and expansiveness.

Awarded: IES Lighting Design Award of Excellence 2017 – VIC/TAS Chapter

The lighting concept for Twig House evolved as a response to the above. The design is based on minimal elegance, precision and integration. Illumination flows organically from the built form, exuding a warm and seductive glow, imparting depth and composition. The intent was to present the architecture as the hero, allowing lighting to be one with it.

Our aim for the lighting was to create a comfortable, relaxed and functional lighting solution for the residents and to honour the architecture such that the lighting becomes part of the built fabric – expressing the bold geometry, revealing architectural materials and volumes completing a harmony of design. We wanted to create a feeling of luminosity that appears to flow naturally without feeling forced. The light guides and reveals with a coherent language that is theatrical yet restrained.

In the gardens, light leads and supports an exploration of the spaces, plants and trees.  It softens edges and reveals textures in a deliberate and restrained scheme that is cognisant of an inner urban location and consideration of the night sky.

From the project’s inception, it was clear that collaboration would be the key to the lighting’s success. The lighting concept presented a challenge technically and required a meticulous level of detail and coordinated integration with the architectural and interior designs.

Our drawing set comprised a vast number of detailed drawings resulting from numerous workshops with the architect and builder over a four year period. From concrete cast-ins, unique sky lights and vanity details, every light element has been craftily integrated.

All light fixtures use the latest in LED technology and are specified only where required and selected for specific purpose.

This design utilises DALI controls throughout, with an intuitive user interface which allow 2-3 simple settings per space. The layering approach of direct and indirect illumination enables a number of moods to be created with the push of a button.



Client: Private

Architect: Leeton Pointon

Interior Designer: Allison Pye Interiors

Lighting Design: Electrolight

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Twig House lighting design by Electrolight
Twig House lighting design by Electrolight
Twig House lighting design by Electrolight