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Crown Towers Eastern Entry

Melbourne, Australia

Crown Towers Eastern Entry lighting design by Electrolight


Electrolight was engaged to work alongside architect Bates Smart to design the lighting to the facade and porte cochere of the expansion of Crown Towers.  The lighting to this project received one of the highest international design awards–the IALD International Award of Excellence in 2013.

The Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne is one of the largest integrated resorts in the southern hemisphere with its casino, hotels, functions rooms, restaurants, shopping and entertainment facilities. In 2010, the Eastern Entry underwent a major redevelopment refreshing, refining and revitalising the “Crown” experience.

Electrolight was commissioned to design specialist lighting to the eastern entry façade, Porte Cochere and landscaping and through close collaboration with Bates Smart Architects, a striking new entrance to the Melbourne Complex was created.


Corrugated glass, sandstone and stainless steel were used to create a dramatic new façade for the Crown Melbourne Complex. The contemporary architectural aesthetic of the glass and sandstone east façade is uniquely distinctive to this property.

One of the challenges facing Electrolight was lighting the glass and creating an effect over the entirety of the glass facade. Concealed lighting at the front of building was seamlessly integrated in to the built fabric of the façade. The cold cathode light source is reflected in each of the corrugations of the individual glass panels to create the appearance of a lit glass façade.

Cold cathode was chosen because of its long life properties and the ability to choose an appropriate colour temperature, aligned to other lighting visible from the east.

The thickness of the glass panels and the lighting treatment add depth, sparkle and warmth enticing patrons with the sense of luxury and sophistication.

Porte Cochere

Visitors and guests at Crown Towers hotel enter via the eastern entrance with their arrival at the Porte Cochere.  As such, given the prestige of this hotel – it is Crown’s most prestigious hotel in the complex – the entrance experience needed to speak of luxury, sophistication and elegance.

The lighting scheme to the outer ceiling area was developed in close collaboration with Bates Smart Architects.  Rather than singular gestures applied to a ceiling, there are instead a number of lighting elements that repeat, which collectively form an illuminated ceiling treatment.

Close to the entrance is a series of suspended rings, laden with crystals that incorporate light to create a spectacular entry statement to the hotel.  But that is not all – this area has mixed pedestrian and vehicular use and is used by drivers entering from a bright sunlit street and hence the lighting levels needed to be able to accommodate a wide variety of ambient lighting conditions allowing for eye adaptation with safety.

In addition, other architectural features are highlighted such as door handles, plants, artwork and columns using predominantly LED fixtures.

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Crown Towers Eastern Entry lighting design by Electrolight
Crown Towers Eastern Entry lighting design by Electrolight
Crown Towers Eastern Entry lighting design by Electrolight
Crown Towers Eastern Entry lighting design by Electrolight
Crown Towers Eastern Entry lighting design by Electrolight